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Thursday, June 25

9:15am CDT

Cloud Foundry for K8s - Same Great PaaS. Brand New Foundation - Andrew Wittrock, VMWare & Eric Promislow, SUSE
Come check out this talk on Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes (cf-for-k8s), a fully native Kubernetes foundation. We will walk through the project, give a glimpse of the community involvement, and explore how you can contribute to cf-for-k8s projects.

avatar for Eric Promislow

Eric Promislow

Senior Software Engineer, SUSE
Eric has worked in the CloudFoundry space since 2012, first with ActiveState's Stackato PaaS, then HP, and now currently at SUSE. He has been an upstream contributor to CloudFoundry since 2016, now with the Release Integration team. Pre-cloud he worked on various dev tools, including... Read More →
avatar for Andrew Wittrock

Andrew Wittrock

Member of Technical Staff, VMWare
Andrew joined Pivotal/VMware in early 2019 and has been following Kubernetes since 2016. Previously, he worked as a full stack developer, focusing on Single Page Applications and build tooling. Previously, he has spoken at CloudFoundry Summit Europe.

Thursday June 25, 2020 9:15am - 9:50am CDT
  Contributor Track

9:55am CDT

CRD-ifying Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes - Angela Chin & Connor Braa, VMware
Over the past year, there has been major effort invested in re-platforming Cloud Foundry to run on Kubernetes. As part of this re-architecture, the idea of utilizing Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) has come to the forefront of discussion.

In this session, Angela and Connor will examine why CRDs are so compelling to use as a core component of the future cf-for-k8s. We will highlight the benefits of a CRD-centric approach for users, application developers, and contributors and offer some thoughts on what a CRD-centric cf-for-k8s might look like. Attendees should leave with a strong understanding of why and how they might utilize CRDs.


Connor Braa

Software Engineer, VMware
Connor is a software engineer at VMWare working on Tanzu Application Service for Kubernetes. He cut his teeth in OSS Cloud Foundry working to GA Diego in 2015, and since then helped replatform CAPI onto Kubernetes and helped bbl environment manage CFCR clusters. He lives in Seattle... Read More →

Angela Chin

Sr. Member of Technical Staff, VMware
Angela is a Sr. Engineer at VMware, working on Tanzu Application Service and Kubernetes. She has been a contributor to open source Cloud Foundry for the past 3 years, working on application connectivity as well as the shift to cf for k8s, and also previously worked on improving the... Read More →

Thursday June 25, 2020 9:55am - 10:10am CDT
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10:15am CDT

SUSE and Cloud Foundry: Helping Customers Simplify, Modernize, and Accelerate - Troy Topnik, SUSE
SUSE has been at the forefront of adopting Kubernetes as a platform for running Cloud Foundry. As part of our mission to help our customers adopt cloud-native technologies, we've learned that the path to successful utilization of Kubernetes can be difficult - for end user software developers, for platform operators, and even for Cloud Foundry itself. This session will summarize how KubeCF, Quarks, and Stratos are building a bridge for platform operators from current BOSH-based releases to the next generation of Cloud Foundry components currently under development.

avatar for Troy Topnik

Troy Topnik

Product Manager, SUSE Cloud Application Platform, SUSE
Troy is the Senior Product Manager responsible for SUSE Cloud Application Platform. He has worked with open source software since 2001 as a support engineer, technical writer, instructor, technology evangelist, and product manager. Most recently, he has been focused on Cloud Foundry... Read More →

Thursday June 25, 2020 10:15am - 10:30am CDT
  Contributor Track
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10:50am CDT

Simplified Kubernetes User Experience with TAS4K8S - Boskey Savla, VMware
Kubernetes solves a lot of challenges that come with managing an infrastructure stack. At the same time giving development teams direct access to the Kubernetes API for workload deployment and maintenance isn’t an optimal user experience. In this talk we look at how VMware Tanzu is helping create a infrastructure stack that supports Kubernetes yet gives Development teams the CF experience via Tanzu Application Service Powered by cf-for-k8s.


boskey pdf

Thursday June 25, 2020 10:50am - 11:05am CDT
  Contributor Track
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11:10am CDT

A Bit about Cloud Foundry, A Byte About Eirini - Julz Skupnjak, IBM & Georgi Dankov, SAP
The Eirini project is bringing Kubernetes as a container scheduler to the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime. In other words: the `cf push` developer experience we all love, with the most popular container orchestrator under the covers.

This session takes you on a whirlwind tour of the why and how of eirini. What is the latest state (v1.0+ released, v3 support, and more), how can you use it, what are we working on next.

And if you want to know how you get the latest and greatest Eirini running on your Kubernetes cluster, come and join the talk. Spoiler alert: The latest Eirini is now avaialbe on KubeCF and CF-for-K8s.

avatar for Julian Skupnjak

Julian Skupnjak

Software Engineer/Project Lead, IBM
Julian Skupnjak (Herr Julz) is a Software Engineer at IBM Cloud and part of Cloud Foundry's Eirini development team. During his career at IBM Cloud he worked on IBM's Cloud Foundry production system in different roles, but mostly as DevOps engineer at the internal delivery team. During... Read More →

Georgi Dankov

Software Engineer, SAP
Georgi Dankov works as a Software Engineer at SAP in Bulgaria. Previously he has worked on internal services running on SAP Cloud Platform’s Neo environment. Currently he is part of the team, working on the Cloud Foundry incubating project Eirini - responsible for enabling pluggable... Read More →

Thursday June 25, 2020 11:10am - 11:25am CDT
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11:30am CDT

Paketo Buildpacks, From Source Code to Application Images - Daniel Thornton, VMWare
As CF for Kubernetes continues to grow, the process for pushing source code to production will still be as simple as running 'cf push'. But, the build path that your application travels from source to running container has changed. The buildpacks responsible for adding the dependencies an application needs have been completely reimagined.

Building on top of the experience building and maintaining Cloud Foundry Buildpacks comes the
Paketo Project. It aims to resolve the technical and organizational issues that affected the old CloudFoundry Buildpacks.

This talk will address how Paketo Buildpacks reshape the buildpack experience to be modular, extensible and approachable.

Thursday June 25, 2020 11:30am - 11:45am CDT
  Contributor Track
  • Audience Experience Level Beginner
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11:50am CDT

Bringing the Simplicity of "cf map-route" to Kubernetes - Tim Downey & Nitya Dhanushkodi, VMware
Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes seeks to bring the simple, self-service APIs of Cloud Foundry to the powerful, but complicated world of Kubernetes. By bringing the “cf map-route” experience to Kubernetes, developers can focus on core application business logic instead of complex Kubernetes networking configuration.

In this session, Tim and Nitya will cover the design decisions, implementation, and extensibility of the new networking tier in CF for Kubernetes. They will demonstrate how CF for Kubernetes leverages Istio service mesh and Kubernetes networking features to enhance the platform. They will also present a new Kubernetes custom resource and controller: the CF Route CRD and RouteController. The CF Route CRD and RouteController lend future extensibility to the networking tier by opening up potential for additional control planes and pluggable ingress implementations in the future.


Nitya Dhanushkodi

Member of Technical Staff 3, VMware
Nitya Dhanushkodi is a software engineer at VMware, working on the Cloud Foundry Application Connectivity team. She is currently working on bringing the Cloud Foundry networking experience to Kubernetes as part of the CF for K8s effort. She has also worked on the CF MySQL and Credhub... Read More →
avatar for Tim Downey

Tim Downey

Senior Member of Technical Staff, VMware
Tim Downey is a software engineer on the Cloud Foundry Application Connectivity team at VMware. He is currently working on bringing the Cloud Foundry networking experience to Kubernetes as part of the CF for K8s effort. Prior to networking, he spent a considerable amount of time working... Read More →

Thursday June 25, 2020 11:50am - 12:05pm CDT
  Contributor Track

12:25pm CDT

What We Learned From Deploying 7000 Cloud Foundry Foundations Per Month - Rowan Jacobs, VMware
The Cloud Foundry Toolsmiths team at VMware deploys up to 7,000 Cloud Foundry foundations a month for internal testing for VMware and open source Cloud Foundry R&D teams. Here's what we've learned about observability, reliability, repeatable deployments, and keeping our Concourse happy.


Rowan Jacobs

Jacobs, VMware
Rowan Jacobs is the anchor of the Cloud Foundry Toolsmiths team at VMware. He has also worked on the CF Infrastructure team building bosh-bootloader, and has been a happy Cloud Foundry user at HCSC.

Thursday June 25, 2020 12:25pm - 12:40pm CDT
  Contributor Track

12:45pm CDT

Stratos Project Update: What's Next? - Neil MacDougall, SUSE
In this talk, I will review the progress made on the Stratos project since the last summit and demonstrate some of the newer features we've added recently. For those not familiar with Stratos, the demo will also provide an introductory overview of Stratos and its capabilities.

I'll end the session by looking forward, talking about what's next for the project, including adding support for the V3 API and improving the extension mechanism.

If you don't know what Stratos is, want to hear what the team has been up to and where they are going, this is the talk for you.

avatar for Neil MacDougall

Neil MacDougall

Technical Software Development Manager, SUSE
Neil is a Technical Software Development Manager in the Cloud Application Platform at SUSE. He leads the Stratos project, which is an open-source Management UI for Cloud Foundry

Thursday June 25, 2020 12:45pm - 1:00pm CDT
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1:05pm CDT

What's New for Services on the CF API V3? - Felisia Martini & Derik Evangelista, VMware
The services endpoints on the Cloud Controller API have been a general source of pain for consumers. Some of the problems with the V2 implementation include: needing several requests to get basic information about a service or service instance, multiple endpoints to manage the same resource, leaking abstractions between the API and the Service Broker, and lack of features like blocking during service instance creation. This contributes to frustrate not only API consumers but also CLI/GUI users.

The SAPI team is working on improving many aspects of the services API with V3 of the cloud controller API. The new services endpoints provide much more flexibility and control over the workflows available for service offerings and service instance management. Many of these features and improvements are already available as experimental APIs on recent versions of Cloud Foundry.

avatar for Felisia Martini

Felisia Martini

Software Engineer, VMware
Felisia is a Software Engineer at VMWare, anchoring the effort to refactor and improve the Services API within the Cloud Foundry API. She also oversees the On-Demand Broker SDK product. Previously, she's been part of several teams setting up and transforming their development processes... Read More →
avatar for Derik Evangelista

Derik Evangelista

Staff Software Engineer, VMware
Derik is a software engineer currently working at VMware, part of the Services API team refactoring the Cloud Controller API. Previously, he spent his time building service brokers, delivering pipelines as a product, developing the pipeline configuration used for several teams to... Read More →

Thursday June 25, 2020 1:05pm - 1:20pm CDT
  Contributor Track

1:25pm CDT

CredHub and k8s - Project Update - Jacob Knostman & Tom Kennedy, VMware
The CredHub team will be talking briefly about our current explorations in the Kubernetes space,
including service authentication/application bindings, credential generation, and more. We will also provide updates on our future roadmap plans. 

avatar for Tom Kennedy

Tom Kennedy

Software Engineer, VMware
Tom has been a software engineer on the CredHub team for about 1.5 years. He did a short term rotation to help build the Maestro CLI, an effort to make certificate rotations easier. He is excited to help CredHub explore the Kubernetes space.
avatar for Jake Knostman

Jake Knostman

Product Manager, VMware
Jake is a Product Manager who has been with VMware and formerly Pivotal for three years. In that time, he has worked with ISV partners on building integrations to the platform, acted as the Product Manager on the Cloud Foundry Security Triage team, and recently rotated to be a Product... Read More →

Thursday June 25, 2020 1:25pm - 1:40pm CDT
  Contributor Track
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